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Hey! I'm Thibaud, technology nerd and dreamer of adventure.

Who am I?


For 3 years, I'm an engineering student at INSA of Rouen, specialised in computer science (Architecture of Information Systems). Data mining, graph theory, big architectures: that's the stuff!


I started to build websites 6 years ago, mostly for non-profit organizations, but also prototypes for my numerous ideas. I daily use Laravel, Compass, Git but also MongoDB or Vagrant.


I'm a big fan of fantasy and science fiction. I read a lot of Tolkien, Bradley, Hobbs... I also play and organize role-playing games frequently.

My contact informations

Quantic Telecom, internet service provider.

I founded my company with some friends this summer after working as a non-profit organization during 3 years. Quantic Telecom is an internet service provider that respects net neutrality and works for people who have been forgotten by the large national operators.

I'm currently working on our new information system with the Laravel framework. It manages a lot of useful tools (subscriptions, support, payment...) to improve our productivity. Unfortunately, the source code isn't released under an open source license, but it will be soon. I love beautiful patterns (commander, factory...) and great architectures (I'm a big fan of Laracasts and I learnt a lot about Laravel and PHP workflows from Jeffrey Way).

Quantic Telecom

Free software.

I'm not a free software fanatic but I try to keep an eye on my personal data. I started with Ubuntu 4 years ago, I'm now working on Archlinux. I quit Facebook last year and I try to keep my distance with Google (but it's really hard!). Except when it's absolutly required, I prefer self-hosted solution on my Quantic Telecom server than cloud computing (for example: this website is analysed by Piwik instead of Analytics).

I put a lot of my work either on my personal Gitlab or on Github. I released some Laravel packages to try to improve the single table inheritance pattern with tools like PostgreSQL inheritance tables or SQL views. I'm now using MongoDB as a NoSQL solution for inheritance and schema free storage.

I love to discover new technologies: I try ReactJS, HHVM, Twister, Rust and a lot more.

My Github

Contact me!

To chat with me, on the Internet or in real life:
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06 29 33 37 76